Where is Arcadia?

Arcadia (är-kāˈdē-ə) – noun; a region offering rural simplicity and contentment.


In 2006, we made the decision to leave the big city behind and get back to our roots.  Over the next year, we planned and saved and worked, then moved to the country.  When we got here it was paradise– Arcadia.  We could go to the bank, post office and dry cleaner within 30 minutes. However, along the way we are continually reminded why we moved to the city, and why we left.

This blog tells about our life here in Arcadia.  We are involved in our community, have deep family connections and cook a lot.  So we share recipes and little stories of life in rural Texas.

For us, Arcadia is 90 miles northwest of Fort Worth in Young County.  Our area is filled with oil, cows, winter wheat and the history of the wild frontier west … as our local historian says, “Fort Worth may be where the West begins, but Young County is where the West happened.”

Most importantly, we live and love and eat as well as we can.  Hopefully, we can bring a little joy and fun while showing what the experience of living in Arcadia is all about.  Living in paradise isn’t always sunshine and roses, but it’s authentic and we wouldn’t trade it.

Several years ago, before Arcadia was a possibility let alone a reality, I told a good friend that all I really needed to find true joy was to have a husband, a home, a baby and a garden.  And now, I have it.  This is Paradise!

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