Fun Photos from Arcadia

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted fun photos from our life here in Arcadia.

Black eyed susans from my front flower bed. This is a perennial favorite of North Texas gardeners.

Jdubs on the “Fastcat.” His grandfather rigged up a stampede string from a left-over strip of leather.

The real deal.

Textbook wall cloud. A few minutes after I snapped this, the sky opened up and hail stones rained down.

This photo represents the “why” of living where I do.

Food Teaser

After a long day accentuated by staying up really late the night before watching classic movies, I’m wore out. I made Chicken Pot Pie tonight totally from scratch, and went old-school on the crust.

We also made Christmas Toffee, which is a real crowd pleaser.

I have a great post coming on Chicken Pot Pie. But for tonight, you will have to let your mouth water over the photos. I’ll come back at you tomorrow with the recipes.

Old-school crust for the Chicken Pot Pie.
And Christmas Toffee ... Yum!

Good night from a tired Arcadian!