Sweet Baby Calf: Jingle

One of the sad parts of raising cattle is that occasionally a baby calf is orphaned. But God made ranchers who take those baby calves and feed them by a bottle. Then it becomes something sweet you can share with a little kid.

I remember caring for many orphaned calves throughout my childhood. One year my dad and I found a 2- or 3-day old calf sitting next to his expired momma in the snow. We were so surprised that the coyotes hadn’t gotten the calf. He was later named “Milk Dud,” and became a fixture in the barn long after he was weaned.



These little bottle babies can become pets. One thing I’ve always noticed is that they just never do as well as the calves that have mommas, even if momma isn’t that good. Today was Jdubs first time to bottle feed a baby calf.

It was precious and Jdubs decided to name him “Jingle.” On the way out of the barn today, Jdubs said, “don’t worry Jingle, you’ll be big someday.”


Jdubs bottle feeding baby calf, Jingle, for the first time.

Manic Monday

The first day back after a long holiday is hectic to say the least. The organization I work for produces a large community event the first Thursday after Thanksgiving. A service organization I belong to has its biggest fund raiser on the first Saturday in December. These two events always fall within the same week and it’s always a three-ring circus at our house and offices. The events themselves require lots of coordination among various parties to make it all happen. We rely on volunteers to do almost everything. And we are thankful to have their help.

There are many community folks who partake of these events without much thought about the planning and initiative it takes to throw a party on this scale. I’ve been planning events for the whole of my professional career. I have an aptitude for it and a great deal of experience actually doing it. The thing about events is that they always happen.  Some how they just happen.  And you can plan and plan and plan, but there are always things that come up that you can’t anticipate.  By experience I know that I have to “plan” to deal with the hitches, as they happen. It’s a lot of work and really stressful, so let’s just say I’ll be so glad when Sunday comes.

Some days I’m envious of my cat…

Pussums, the cat who has it all.