Taste in Music: Four Years in the Making

We went to get fried chicken tonight for dinner. I had the best of intentions to make a chicken pot pie but ran out of time and got so hungry I almost ate the dog (not really).

On our way back from the chicken joint my four year-old son says to me, “momma, turn on some tunes.”

I turned on the radio; it was tuned in to our local FM station. Cheap Trick was playing and Jdubs continues with, “momma, that’s rock-n-roll. But I want the Spanish song, not rock-n-roll.”

I tell him that I don’t have the Spanish song and that all we can listen to for now is the radio and I ask, “do you like rock-n-roll? Or how about country music?”

As I flip the tuner to a country station Jdubs says, “I don’t like country music. I like rock-n-roll and Spanish music. Yeah, that’s my favorite, Spanish music.”

So for you, Jdubs here is the “Spanish song” also known as, Cancion del Mariachi.
It’s a pretty awesome tune made famous by Los Lobos and Antonio Banderas in the movie, Desperado.