Working for the Weekend

It’s almost Friday, and I’m Working for the Weekend. Some weeks are longer than others, and that’s when you need a good laugh.

The song is Solid Gold 80s and Loverboy’s contribution to the working man’s anthem. If you remember the 70s guitar rock and over-the-top 80s hair bands, then this music video will sing to your heart.

I can remember standing in the music section of the local Walmart ogling the album cover. It was so salacious for its time and so very 80s excess – red leather pants on a hot ass with crossed fingers behind your back, titled “Get Lucky.” That is 80s greatness.

My husband and I had been talking about a YouTube lip-synch video we saw a couple years ago featuring this song. Considering the 80s era, subject matter and music itself, there is a lot to work with here.

It is a clever lip-synch music video that looks like a well-thought out SNL skit, complete with stereotypical musician characters and a cowbell.

The original video upload was on a blog (back when we still called them weblogs) in 2005 by a guy named Shawn (Barrett) Barrester, now archived on YouTube. Watch closely–and this is the best part– it’s the same guy. Barrester plays every part, in character.

What might have started out as a party trick ends up being a true homage to Loverboy, not to mention it’s damn funny and impressive all at once.

After watching this a few times I can tell a few things about the star of the video:

  1. He has a witty sense of humor and isn’t afraid to use it.
  2. He’s a technophile because for 2005 the editing and production value are sophisticated.
  3. This guy is a really talented musician and can play any instrument he picks up. He has quality instruments and plays every lick. Replay the video a few times and watch when each instrument is featured. He is really hitting the guitar riffs and he knows how to play the drums. But the characters are what really bring the video to life. .
  4. He’s very fit and works out, probably with weights. He has impeccable rhythm and timing
  5. He has been singing in front of the mirror for a really long time. Go baby, go!

I’m working for the weekend!

Happy Friday, Y’all.