Just a few good Tomatoes …

I woke up and it’s Spring.  First week of March down and it seems like it was just winter – wait it was just winter.  One month ago we were still digging out of a big-time snow storm that left all of North Texas crippled — school was cancelled for a week!

This looks like the coldest animal on Earth

Nothing says spring in Graham like Daffodils. 

There was once a big push to make Graham the Daffodil Capital. [of Texas or the U.S., I’m not sure]. But you can still see the remnants all around us.

To me Spring means Baseball … 

AND gardening. Oh how I love to plant stuff to watch it grow … 

Plant a seed and watch it grow ...


This year, Spring has a new element for me – my greenhouse!  One of the best, most-thoughtful gifts ever given to me. (awwwhhh – thanks, babes.)

The day it was set into place ... We have very good skilled labor. Look at the hat --it's felt-- that means winter.

Look!  Sprouted seeds!  This just happens to be Nasturtiums, which are also edible.    Very cool touch to throw a few blossoms into a tossed salad.

 When these sprouts grow up they should look like this …

A red nasturtium ...

And look at the Tomatoes!  Oh I am hopeful that we will have lots of good Tomatoes!

Just a few good tomatoes ...

I am sharing my plants with other vegetable gardeners around me.  Just a few good tomatoes … that’s all I’m looking for. That and maybe a BLT sandwich …

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