The Band

The Band

“We’re putting the band back together!”   What movie?

If you live anywhere near Chicago you don’t get to guess … or if you’re a die-hard Dan Aykroyd or John Belushi fan … enough clues, already.

“The Blues Brothers!?! They still owe you money, fool.” Thank you Aretha Franklin and The Blues Brothers for the awesomeness of that quote.

Jake and Elroy Blues with Aretha

So my hubby and Runnin’ Buddy are now in a “band.” A band of two and they’ve decided to name themselves the Inlaws (no hyphen, I’ve been instructed).  The name is cleverly thought up.  You see they are just getting started as an acoustic duo.  And their first “gig” is to play as the intermission band at the annual Knights of Columbus rodeo dance.  The gig was acquired thru their “connections.”

Practic session in the back yard while smoking elk tenderloin.

The name comes from the fact that one of the head organizers of the rodeo is the father-in-law of Runnin’ Buddy.  And my hubby’s father-in-law (my dad) is the bass player in the headliner band, 380 West.  Hence, the Inlaws.

Runnin’ Buddy has played in serious bands before.  He played in several Austin-based bands whose booking venues could range from 100-2,000 people.  He’s a lead guitar player, and pretty darn good too.  Just in the last few months of tinkering around and playing with my hubby – the hubby has improved tremendously with his guitar playing. Did I mention that Runnin’ Buddy was a really good guitar player?

The pressure of the-first-gig deadline is looming, and with that I have a whole new appreciation for my mom.  She has endured hours-long practice sessions with my dad and his band.  The process of learning a song includes picking-around with different chords, random outbursts of broken lyrics, and the repetitious play-pause, play-pause of recorded music, followed by the plunkey-pick-around learner’s version. I love that my husband has a musical side and I’m even happier that he’s found a Runnin’ Buddy to play with him.  Fortunately I really like the songs they’ve chosen to play and best of all … I get to make song requests.    First up, It’sAll Been Done by the Barenaked Ladies.

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