A Few Random Things

After a bad case of writer’s block I decided to start writing about random things … thus random things.

  1. We went to Walmart tonight to pick up my $4 prescription (love that). There was an incessant beeping. When I asked an employee what it was, she said “what beeping?” Really! It was clearly an alarm but nobody seemed to be alarmed! Three or four other people seemed to be as puzzled/annoyed as I was.

    Wonder how much the boys in Bentonville paid for the updated logo with the shinny sun?
  2. Then Walmart goes and redeems itself with Blueberry cordials! The find of the month. It’s the greatest combo!

    One of my favorite things ...
  3. I was working on a group of photos of my favorite landscape plants when Jdubs posed. Then he wanted me to take a photo of his favorite stuffed animal, Smooshy.
    Posing for the photos.

    Smooshy -- close up.
  4. Some of the best $14 wine I’ve had, ever.

    To hell with Yellow Tail swill.
  5. The fattest Chihuahua, ever!
    Seriously, this is the fattest Chihuahua.

    She's like a 20 lb loaf of bread.
  6. The cutest little kid, ever.

    Jdubs doing "tricks" for momma.
  7. A poster in my grandmother’s bathroom! They don’t even have a cat!

    I feel like this almost every single day ...