A Gift and a Day of Rest

I’m looking forward to Sunday—a day of rest. It’s just over two hours away as I write this. I’m weary, tired. It’s been a really exhausting week—two major events, three days apart, thousands of people. Showing up to help is one thing but being responsible and accountable for everything at an event is draining. Both of these major events require an army of volunteers to pull off. I’m in charge of one event and my husband is in charge of the other. And we are both involved with each others events.

Downtown, hometown parade.
Rotary Club feeding about 1200 people.

I feel like I’ve hardly seen my kid this weekend. I got home tonight to relieve the babysitter. Our sweet little sitter drew Christmas pictures with our kid. That was today’s precious gift.

The sweet little Christmas pictures from Jdubs and Korey.

Tomorrow is Sunday—blessed Sunday. We will be resting. I’ve already talked to my Pastor to tell him I won’t be at church because I’ll be resting. He gave me his blessings 🙂