All the President’s Men

Franklin Pierce --14th President. (1853-1857)

How many U. S. presidents can you name? On our way home from the big city tonight I was quizzing myself with an iPhone app. I have long thought it pathetic that I can’t name all the presidents. That’s why I downloaded the app, at least a year ago, and I find myself still, tonight not having it memorized—but almost. My husband did manage to get them memorized by the end of our drive. He’s better at that than I am – I’m good at synthesizing info, not memorizing it.

My husband and I started talking about how ridiculous it is that there are only 44 U.S. presidents, yet most Americans can’t name more than 10, maybe. If you are older than 45 you can probably name a few more because of the number of leaders you’ve lived through in your lifetime.

We [as Americans] can probably name 44 C-list celebrities, how many people know the Jersey Shore characters, all the men of the Kardashian girls, and the American Idols. But the 44 most important leaders of our nation? Not even close. The ones in the middle are the hardest. But these are the most simple of our nation’s facts, we should know more.

So I commit to making amends for this and will have all the presidents memorized by the end of the week. After that, I’ll start working on learning about what major events happened during each presidency. If you want to know more visit these sites:

Chester A. Aurthur -- 21st President. 1851-1855