A Year of Birthday Celebrations

Tonight at our Church Family Night we had our annual Birthday Celebration. This is where we do a potluck dinner and dessert is provided, but we get to decorate it.

Tables are set up by birthday month and you go sit with all the other people there with the same birthday month as you. Mine is February so I sat with the other Pieces tonight (except for one Aries). The kids and adults love it because we unite by birthday month to collaborate, creating awesomely decorated cakes.

Jdubs happened to be the only kid there with a March birthday so he got to decorate a cake with the help of mom. We started with a round cake that had the base layer of white frosting. Jdubs told me he wanted to make a face with green frosting.

So that’s just what we did. We mixed colors and applied icing. Then we moved on to add blue hair with sprinkles of many colors.

Happy Birthday, people born in March!