Safety Goggles and a Shower

We’re back to light-hearted, what-happened-today posts for tonight. I’ve been writing me arse off today and at this point, I just need to do something not so serious.

Jdubs got into the shower tonight with his play-like Black n Decker safety goggles. He was hoping to keep the soap out of his eyes. It didn’t work so well but he totally got smarty points with me for thinking of it in the first place.

Here’s the play by play

Jdubs with his goggles on. ready. check.
Gotta make an adjustment
smiling for the camera
Look at those eyes. Never would have thought a blue-eyed babe would be possible from my brown, ethnic eyes.


I love raising a little boy.  They are just the coolest. Today Jdubs informed me that “that damn dog is barking again.” A proud parental moment.