Desperate Gifts

I’m always amazed at some of the “gifts”one can find at the local Walmart.

Adult-sized footed pajamas. A seriously bad idea. Tweedy Bird print or Jolly Roger in pink? Yep. Look closely. That’s a skull and crossbones design on pink fleece. That’s awesome. Does anyone ask for this?

I can totally see someone in a mad panic because they didn’t plan ahead at all, so now he/she is in Walmart at 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve reaching for this in desperation. Goes along well with the footed pajamas, maybe the same person thought these concepts up. Now if they only came in Jolly Roger pink! But really can’t you just wrap up in a blanket to achieve the same effect? Or put a bathrobe on backwards?

Are they jeans or pajamas? Can you wear them to bed then out the next morning, avoiding the whole getting dressed ritual? If so, this might be really good for a college kid. (Ball cap to hide bedhead not included.)

Less than two weeks until Christmas, Y’all. Happy shopping!

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