A Day Well Spent

I kept forgetting that today is the last day of 2011– that tomorrow is 2012. I’m sitting in bed at my husband’s family home writing a blog on the last day of the year. For me, the only place better would be my own bed. But this last day of 2011 was well spent. The bulk of my day was consumed with a good friend. We visited, drank margaritas and ate Mexican food at a dive restaurant in Grapevine, Texas. This evening we visited with my husband’s grandparents (I ate Mexican food again. My guts are hating me).

Tomorrow my husband turns 35. He was the first baby born in McKinney in 1977. I hope it’s a good birthday for him. He will be starting it out well spent. We will have a New Year’s feast full of traditional treats: ham for progress, cabbage for wealth, peas for prosperity/luck and a pineapple upside down cake, because it’s his favorite.

I’m glad tomorrow is 2012 because I’m looking forward to a better year – hopefully a year of better health, wealth and wisdom.

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