Truth from the Mouth of Babes

Yesterday was full of what I call Jdub-isms. My little son has a very large vocabulary for a 5 year old and sometimes speaks such truth that it’s startling and hilarious.

He had a balloon yesterday that he drug around with him for most of the day until he accidentally let it go. He fell apart. For a good hour and a half he lamented about the loss of his “balloonie.” His balloon happened to have his name written on it by his request.

After the accidental release of the “balloonie” He said the following at different times:

“My balloonie went far, far away. I am so upset, I just can’t take it.”

“Maybe it went to be with Jesus… do you think he will know it’s mine since my name is on it? Will Jesus send my “balloonie” back? If he keeps it, that’s not sharing very nice.”

After a while he took his hat off … I asked him if he wanted to put his hat back on, then he said:

“When cowboys get really sad they take their hats off and give them to their mommas.”

At some point he told my mom: “Emmi, how many times to I have to tell you to stop talking …”

The Balloon.

He finally got to feeling better and was playing a Sesame Street game (anything to get him chilled out). He started calling for my dad and said:

“I was calling the Judge.” [my father is a judge.]

Today Jdubs ran a fever and had a barking cough … so my mom and dad brought him a new balloon from the handy Walmart. Jdubs promptly wrestled the balloon down and popped it.

I just had to write down all the funny things he said in the last 24 hours.

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