Week One Down, Check

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a lion or gazelle - when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.

Week one of the New Year is in the books. I’m glad because good things have happened. I’m hoping that 2012 will be a restorative year for me and my family. The last few years have been really hard for a multitude of reasons and 2011 was especially hard on me. I don’t care to be specific, but it has almost been my undoing.

I said it in an earlier post this week: Life can change in an instant but changing your life doesn’t happen instantly; it takes time. It’s gratifying, even if delayed, when the passing of time ushers in the achievement of something you’ve been working toward. (I’ll share more later this month, when I’m ready.)

This first week of January, I’ve accomplished a few things on my knock-out list including repainting my home office, which was once our son’s nursery. Some how a whimsical bright, pale green wasn’t conducive to doing grown-up work, plus my son had scribbled all over the walls. And the room had become the dumping ground. I cleaned out a bunch of crap that was just cluttering up my house. The garage is next, by god I shall be able to park in there or the Earth will spin off its axis, I swear it.

Today was a busy but special day too. I participated in a special ceremony at church. We took Jdubs to a party and he had a big time. I grocery shopped by myself – the folks at United didn’t recognize me alone. I cooked a great meal from one of my new cookbooks. I finished my blog and got into bed by 11 p.m. So far it’s been a really productive week.

Tomorrow is going to be really busy. This week is going to be really busy. Bring it on.

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