Americone Dream

Any of you Jon Stewart fans will know that Stephen Colbert comes on right after the Daily Show.

Colbert is rather sardonic but also can explain lots of complicated political scenarios with humor. Lately he’s been on the super PAC loophole, which allows campaign contributions to political candidates with total anonymity and no limits. Great campaign finance reforms :-/

A few nights ago I was watching The Colbert Report. He announced his new revenue generator to fund his super PAC.

Colbert has his very own Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Americone Dream.

Thursday night we ran out of milk and laundry detergent. So I went to my local Wally world — our Walmart is pretty hit or miss but I happened to be in the ice cream aisle (shocker).

And there it was … Americone Dream. it is delicious!!!

And Stephen Colbert is very funny. But the calorie content is not! (but it was worth every bite!