Music and Theater in Arcadia

We have a wonderfully restored theater here in Arcadia … it’s grand and musicians, thespians and one-act play troupes alike comment on its greatness. (And it’s here in po-dunk, just another gem that few outside of our town know about).

Most of us who live in an arcadian utopia couldn’t go to the theater, to concerts, to plays– either the ticket cost or logistics of travel keep us from such cultured enrichment.

Every year the Graham Concert Association puts together an incredible series of performing arts that is a true service to our community because it brings the arts to us.

The quality of the performances and the variety is incredible. The concert association has hosted children’s theater, symphony orchestras, Grammy-award winning musicians, and performing artists from around the world. It’s underwritten by many donors in our community.

You have to purchase a season pass, but they have student pricing available for kids. The price of a season pass is less than a floor seat at a hot concert in Dallas. A season pass is worth every penny to be able to see and hear all the wonderful artists, experience the talent and culture right here in our home town.

Tonight we saw the Quebe Sisters Band … Wow. (more on that in another post.)