Mr. Frost and Organic Gardening

I’ve had little time to write these last few days and as a result my blogging has gone from once a day to every other day. This makes me very sad because I love to write about my life, the garden, my dog, the cat, Jdubs, my husband and sometimes I throw in a recipe or a serious commentary. I have many ideas for subject matter written down in a tidy little file.

One of the other things I love to do is read. I haven’t had much time to do anything but work lately. So when I steal a few moments to read, it’s either poetry or books about organic gardening.

Robert Frost and Walt Whitman are my favorites. I’m not properly schooled in poetry or literature in general. My studies were always more about applied science (how) rather than the theory (why).

Poetry and organic gardening … odd combo? Not really.

The organic gardening book I’ve been reading is very scientific and requires close attention to understand the complexities of what a professor of entomology and horticulture is describing.

The balance to that is poetry. Poetry is liberating, especially when penned by a brilliant master of the language. I wish I were as creative as the good Mr. Frost. But I’m so glad he left his words of wisdom behind for us all to enjoy, even if for a few stolen moments.