A Shot in the Arm (or Bum)

Every year about this time I do battle with my sinuses. Cedar and juniper pollen is very high in February/March in our area. In a 20 minute drive south of my home, the landscape changes dramatically and becomes dense with cedar trees. They are highly flammable and tortuous in the early spring for seasonal allergy sufferers.

The orange part of north central Texas -- that is where I live.

I got in to see my doc today to get my annual steroid shot in the bum. It’s remarkable how much better I feel in just a few hours post shot. My teeth were hurting because of the pressure in my sinuses. I even resorted to using the neti pot, which I refer to as the evil torture device. With a good rain about two days ago, I would have probably been able to make it out sans sinus infection and resulting shot in the bum. (The rain literally washes the pollen out of the air for a few days. And without the pollen my body can catch up.)

The doc looked at my medical history and for the last four years I’ve had a sinus infection between February 5th and March 20th. Steady-Freddy results for seasonal allergies.

I told Jdubs that the doctor gave me a shot so he put a picture of himself on my bedside table. He said, “this is so you will always be able to look at me and make your shot not hurt.”

Momma loves you, Jdubs.