Secret Ingredient

Jdubs really wanted to make something with the “secret ingredient.” He told me he had instructions for a recipe with a secret ingredient. [he’s been watching Iron Chef with us.]

I asked him what the recipe was. He rattled off a list of ingredients that included cinnamon toast, pickles and bananas. He also informed me that it had to be in the “blender all chopped up.” He also told me that he needed a cocktail that was mixed up.

We got out the blender and started adding things to the carafe. I carefully guided him in picking out things that would make a good smoothie “cocktail.”

He insisted that pickles were the secret ingredient and that it had to be in the cocktail. At the last minute I talked him into adding the other secret ingredient—cuties. Jdubs made sure that he wore his apron – it’s actually an apron that belonged to my grandmother.

Hopefully he will continue to be interested in cooking!

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