Giggle Trigger

Today the husband and I drove to the big city of Whisky-Tango Falls [aka Wichita Falls] to run a few errands. We went to a local housewares store in search of door hardware. And while a sales person was showing us door handles, something triggered his giggle-snort. He lost it and had to leave the store to compose himself. Ten minutes later, when he returned with his giggle under control, all it took was for our eyes to meet and then it was all over again.

I can’t go into specifics, but the giggling was simultaneously inappropriate and uncontrollable. Even 12 hours later when he thinks about the situation, he falls apart.

This could have been my husband today:

One thought on “Giggle Trigger

  1. campfireshadows

    I think we all can relate to todays great blog you wrote.
    Many years ago my mother and her sister while attending their fathers funeral service had the same thing happen to the two of them during the service. They covered up their uncontrollable laughter by pretending to be crying hysterically. Knowing my mother and her sisters penchant for uncontrollable giggling, my siblings and I did everything in our power to keep our own giggling under control. That failed when my sister had the bright idea to ‘comfort’ my mom by throwing her arm around her and burying her head into her shoulder and began giggling/crying herself. My brothers and I were left to silently endure the rest of the service with deeply bowed heads shaking shouders!

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