Murphy Monday

Murphy’s Law ruled today … Sometimes you just have one of those days … and today, Murphy showed up. Every fool thing, one after another, went haywire. (Although you rarely see hay with “wire” anymore.)

At 3:30 I stepped in steaming pile of dog poop and said “That’s It!” (really I said something much more foul, but for my  saintly mother’s sake we’ll just go with aforementioned quote.)

Let’s recap… on second thought … let’s not.

Translation= 400 words into my diatribe, I hit the delete button.

I’m going to take my horsepill of sinus-infection killing antibiotic, then off to bed to hit the restart button.

875 Mg of Gastrointestinal un-awsomeness.

I will say … the day ended up OK … with my lovely husband giving me flowers – thanks babes!

My sweet husband continues to put up with me. God bless him for it too. I'd be lost without my man.

4 thoughts on “Murphy Monday

    • The Arcadian

      Haywire can be a very handy thing. But when it goes wrong, it’s bad. Around these parts we mostly see big round bales of hay. Square bales bound with wire are becoming very rare, indeed.

      Thanks for visiting the blog!

      • campfireshadows

        For an entire summer as a ranch hand, I used hay ‘twine’ to hold up my drawers! I couldn’t afford a decent belt for the wages I was being paid.
        PS My car (an old VW, had hay wire as an antenna.

      • The Arcadian

        Hay wire has been responsible for many patch jobs, fillers, fasteners and gap closers. I have some in my greenhouse in the garden and the garage.

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